Hi everyone ! As you may already know my name is Santiago or “Santi” for my friends. I was born in Uruguay ( that little country in south america, between Brazil and Argentina) and the adventure brought me to Mexico.  I landed here in the beautiful area of the riviera maya in 2010 and the photography made me stay.

My studies with the photography started in 2005 when I decided to keep on looking for my passion. Always related with arts. At first as a graphic and web designer and now as full time photographer.

After working for a long time for a software company I felt that spending all day long behind a computer between four walls wasn’t really my ideal for life. That’s how I started to explore different options and so the photography came up, at first as a hobby and then as a way of life.

My love for nature made me try to preserve it in my photos and that’s how I began to experiment with a camera. Then I also tried some part time jobs at newspapers and working as a freelance.

One day the chance of travelling and taking photos for money showed up. I worked for a cruise ships company and had the chance to travel to many different places and had one of the great experiences in my life.

After working for a while on cruise ships I had an offer to come to Mexico and since then I couldn’t leave.

I spend most of my days shooting brides  and having a lot of fun with it.

I love to have the chance of preserving your special moments forever and even better when those moments have stories to tell. Weddings became the central focus in my photography and my wish is to be able to transmit in my photos what my eyes capture every minute.